The Pretoria Country Club Wine Fraternity was founded by 11 wine lovers during the late harvesting period of 2014. The Uncorked Fraternity (as the Fraternity is popularly referred to) was successfully inaugurated into the Pretoria Country Club (as a division) at the March 2015 Main Committee meeting.

The activities forming the pillars on which the Fraternity is to be built shall comprise of:

  • Wine Tastings
  • Wine buying
  • Gourmet Dinners
  • Wine Trips

Strategic partnerships with selected and prominent wine makers are of the utmost importance to the Fraternity as a means of achieving our objectives.

It is the Fraternity’s aim to be exclusive and different while creating a pleasurable forum for enhancing a wine culture and passion for good wines amongst its members.

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A different format for wine tastings, e.g. vertical tastings, regional tastings, and cultivar tastings.

At least one international tasting per annum.

The CWG (Cape Winemakers Guild) tasting will be one of the highlights for our members each year – the Fraternity will be instrumental in keeping this tasting as part of the PCC calendar.


A “Box of the month” will be available to PCC members – in line with our objective of exclusivity.

By virtue of our relationship with the wine makers, we have special wine buying opportunities; From Single barrel buying and bottling with our own labels to exclusive top of the range vintage wines.

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